Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vidia and the fairy crowns

The summary of this book is the queen had all her crowns and some one took them all from her. Then they to found out that Vidia took them.But they were running out of time they olny had 2 days to solve the mystery of why she stold them. So when they found it the kindom was free.The high point of the story was when they had caught her hidding the crowns.
       The main characters are Tinker bell,Vidia,and lily.Tinker bell is little with blonde hair and a green dress.Vidia is little with brown hair and a brown dress. Lily is little also and she loves to work on gardens and help the earth. The sitting is in pixi hollow in the day time.
    My favorite part is when they caught Vidia  hidding the crowns.Because she did not know that tinker bell was going to see her hid them.I was confused when it said It was handwritten on a line blackberry juce.I was like to read another book like this because it was intersting:)


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