Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog For Week:)

 The movie Paper Clips was about students who wanted to see how much 6,000,000 was. They found out that11,000,000 Jews died because the Nazism gased them. The  students of whiwill came up with an idea so that they can learn more about them. They had said lets get a part of a train and put all the paper clips in the train. They had got more over 6,000,000. They got 29,000,000 paper clips.This movie was sad:(                                               

        I been learning how to make a game.My topic is obesity because I think that people that are over wieght can help them self and be came heathier.Also people that are obeste always get made fun of. People if you think you are obeste figure out what you can do to NOT  prevent that.
     I learned that I can do links. Well the first time a tried it, it was hard. I thought the first time it was going to be easy but guess not. Now I can do it and its easy. My goals is to always know how to do links:)

     Yesterday I went to brainpop to see videos about obeste people. For my game I think that this is produtive because people can see what you can do to keep your wieght the same.If your obeste is it bacause  you eat what your mine tells you or you need it a lot.This topic inspired me because I see a lot of people that are obeste:)

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