Monday, November 1, 2010

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                 MiNi GaMe
Today I did a mini game. I got up to the second step. I learned how to move the carrot to side to side. We have to have at lest 4 different items on the mini game. We have a carrot,a bunny,a wolf, and a pizza.

             What I want to learn:)

                  I want to learn how to make a game fast because people can play it and learn what they should eat and what cause obesity. I like learning about obesity because I know what Ican eat and can't eat.
      I know??

         I know that doing mini games can help me do a big game so it can go around school and other place here in eastAustin.I think that I can go fast and pay attion I will know how to do it faster. This class is a okay because we get to play games and learn how to make a game:)
   My successes in GLOBALORIA:)
  My successes are that Im go at learning how to do mini games.On the frist day of school I did not not  know what we were going to do and I thought it was going to be hard but this class it getting easier and easier for me.I think being in here can help me do well on computer if I ever use one in the future.

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