Thursday, January 27, 2011

&heart,Ej gets Ariel &hearts

My name is Ej.My life is messed up.I got a girl pregnant and I am only 15.I dont regret it because I have a pretty little named Ariel. I love her very much. But its hard because the mom is having her all the time I olny get to have her every other month.To me that sucks but at lease I get to see her.After Ariel turns 1 I get to have her because the judge said that.
   I live with my mom, she suppotrs me.  i love her but its hard staying with because i cant get a job to support Ariel and I.My mom said "I get a job"
I got a job 2 months later. I get payed $8.00 an hour. Now i can support my family.
I know have a real family I got my daughter and my girlfriend.Now I got my own place
got a job and have is all good.(1 year later) In jail on drugs  and losted every thing.I
get out in 5 months. I have nobody that comes and see me.I need to get my life right.......

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