Friday, May 11, 2012

Final Game Post ! : D

So I Made a game about Teen Abuse , I like that i did most of it on my own & ask for every little help. I think i could of added more details , I also should of added more information . I like that I was in Globaloria for 2 years & I'm able to do things on my own.!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Final game Reflection ! :D

So far in class I learned how to make buttons ,last year it was hard & confusing I did not know how or what to do but I learned so now its easier . I am able to figure out things on my own it might take me a while but i figure it out ! the most challenging part of this year was having to make games , its fun but we always worked on them :( . I made a game about teen Abuse , I chose that topic because now these day the girl in the relationship gets abused . Guys bet them & most girls don't do nothing so I thought making a game will show people how being abused is BAD !